During Sandy, some lost loved ones, some their homes, some their power, and some just sat tightly at home, watching the news. We experienced Sandy in many different ways but all with our own personal realizations.


"My own experience of Sandy, relatively mild as it was, was five days of no power and no cell signal. Having to adjust to this new normal, each day was a lesson in resourcefulness, and relearning how to do things in more basic ways. I realized how tied to the earth we once were." –Nikki
"I stayed with some friends in Brooklyn. I was not affected and fortunate enough to have my bike with me so I could still get around as normal. I biked over to Manhattan with food and water supplies to shelters and found it very odd to see all these different bubbles of people who had power, and people who didn't." –Guri

When we got back together after the hurricane, we decided that we wanted to capture these thoughts because we could see them being quickly forgotten. We talked about things like how in the areas without power or cell phone service people started gathering out on the street and talking to each other on the street corners. It was as if time was set back at least 20 years. As things get back to normal for the majority, we tend to move on with our lives and Sandy becomes this very distant memory for most of us. But for a brief moment in time, there was the common experience where we all were faced with nature's ascendancy over our constructed environments.